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    After many years in the roofing and building trade, the combined knowledge has enabled us to create roofing accessories that are distinctive, eye catching and add style to any property.

    With our extensive range of hand-cast, hand finished products, we can be confident that our roof tiles and finials are exclusive and unique to us and will add that finishing touch to any property

    BS_KitemarkThe products meet strict performance criteria in terms of strength, impermeability to rainwater, and freeze-thaw resistance
  • victorian_roof_finials
    All products are made of a special concrete mix. Liquid additives are put in with the concrete, this gives a stronger concrete. Fibre strands reinforce the mix for anti cracking and extra strength.

    The products are then antiqued and sealed with a waterproof coating to protect against frost damage. All products are made in accordance with the current British Standard versions (BS EN 490: 2004 and BS EN 491: 2004)


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